Saturday, November 17, 2007


So I just decided to start a blog (Thanks Frankie for inspiring me with your blog).

What I am going to blog about anyway...Hmmmm. Oh yes, about all the interesting people I meet on the NJ Transit NE Corridor train from Trenton to NYC who don't know how to keep their voice down and blab their business on the train for all to hear. Every now and then you hear some pretty juicy stories about other people's business and personal lives. I don't care to hear their personal stories but if they run their mouth about it on the train, I will run it on my blog so stay tuned for some Juicy and tantalizing stuff. Oh yes, this stuff makes Britney and Paris look like catholic school girls (not to say that the latter is any better but that's for a separate topic)

You will be shocked about all the people I see on the train from investment bankers, nurses, students, advertising execs, insurance sales agents, government employees to some not so savory characters (If you know what I mean, come on use your imagination).